Branding Your Business

As a designer the one question that always makes me cringe is when someone says, “Do I really need a website?”. Eek! My answer is, YES! Let’s think about this… It’s Friday night, you’re looking for a new sushi place to go to for dinner. You go online, search for sushi restaurants and see 2 different places in your area. GREAT! You go to their websites. One, has a nice photo of their sushi selection (say that three times fast!), a photo of their restaurant and a link to their menu that’s nicely laid out. Its screams professional! The other isn’t so flattering. Maybe it looks like a word document that was typed up really fast. No photos of the menu or restaurant. For me, I’m thinking… Hmm, if their website looks like poor quality, maybe their restaurant is the same. I’d pick the first… Wouldn’t you?

This is just a brief example of why your brand is SO important!

Even with top notch services and products, if your brand doesn’t say quality, you are not going to stand a chance against your competitors.

Are you ready to brand your business? If so, let's chat!

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